Posted by | Apr 10, 2023

Every man has personal type of an ideal woman. Some prefer a curvy and voluptuous woman, some like a lean, slim and agile woman while other just love a big beautiful woman. It is very understandable since every type of body has their own charm and appeal. Even if a woman does not have a typical 2-4 size that will look good on most kind of clothes, does not mean she is not beautiful. If she is comfortable with her built and plush size, she can be a very confident and attractive woman. In fact, a psychologicaly attractive woman will hold longer interest rather that physically attractive woman.

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Despite the inside quality of big ladies, there are men that naturally think plus size body is the new sexy. They feel plump and soft skin are a major turn on and chubby features are cute and adorable. They like the sensation of having those women on their arm. It makes them h sincerely. Once again, this is also nothing strange or special, only a matter of preference. A bigger body is generally warmer and more comfortable for cuddling. Therefore, if there are men who choose someone big and beautiful for their perfect woman, it just means that they can enjoy being intimate with a pleasantly plump lady that the slim and skinny one.

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